About Samantha

Samantha Fennell, Founder

I am known as a builder, a solution seeker, and a pioneer. Over the past 20+ years I have held senior level and leadership positions at both major media companies and start-up ventures. From the corporate enterprises of publishing giants like Condé Nast and Time Inc., to advertising agencies overseeing global offices, I have a unique ability to forge mutually beneficial partnerships between disparate parties. I practice radical listening, align goals and purposes, and work collaboratively to achieve winning results.

As a growth strategist with a mission to drive positive change in the world, I relaunched HONE in January 2020 to align with this purpose: driving product, media, event and content partnerships between impact organizations (B Corps, non-profits, single mission enterprises) and brands.

Doing well and doing good is part of my DNA.
Now it is the core of my business.

So how does a publishing and advertising veteran decide to change course and help change the world? Well it has actually been a decades long, albeit quiet journey…

Growing up with an activist Mom focused on healthcare, housing and education reform, my “internal activist” was coaxed out as early as the first grade. I remember demonstrating on the “frontlines” of the streets in Manhattan for longer school days during the New York City Public schools budget cut in the 70’s, and tagging along with Mom to meetings with the likes of Jerry Nadler and Scott Stringer.

In my 20s and 30s I worked with several nonprofits as an advocate for bettering people’s lives, while making my way up the corporate ladder. I was an active Big Sister with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, mentoring a young ladies with a lot of promise but limited resources. I also volunteered for many years with the Meals on Wheels and the “Friendly Visitor” program, which matches volunteers with elderly and/or disabled shut-ins. Additionally I worked frequently with New York Cares on both child and adult education and job readiness efforts.

In 2008 I heard the call to political service, and I answered. I took a hiatus from corporate life, leaving my post as Associate Publisher of Elle Magazine to join the Obama/Biden presidential campaign as a volunteer fundraiser. I conceived and orchestrated three events that drove over 450 individual contributions totaling in the six figures. I then re-located to Columbus Ohio to volunteer as Out of State Volunteer Coordinator while blogging for elle.com as The Obamaphile

Since our collective presidential victory, I have continued to fight and fundraise for both local and national candidates who put social justice issues at the forefront of their agendas.

My vision is a world in which diversity is celebrated, all humans are respected, and power and resources are shared equitably. We have work to do!

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